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Baby what's the best sleeping position

  baby sleep better?
in accordance with the report in the journal Pediatrics, researchers 350 healthy baby for sleep research, intelligence development quickly found the babies sleep on their stomachs, confinement but lay sleeping babies can catch up with the babies sleep on their stomachs. But tummy sleeping prone to sudden suffocation, lying in the bed is safe and secure.
so, whether to let the baby sleep, only smart, healthy and does not suddenly choking it? researchers, sleep at night, it is best to let the baby lie sleeping.
daytime NAPs or adult care, State position adjusted to sleep on their stomachs. Baby's sleeping room to maintain proper temperature, humidity and light, the baby will sleep and fragrant and sweet.
the fetus in the mother's womb is the abdomen inwards, back out, curled up position, this position is the most natural posture of self-protection, so at the baby NAP more secure, easier to sleep well, is not easy to wake up to baby's developing nervous system. NAP can also make baby keep your head up, exercise the neck, chest, back and limbs, large muscle groups, promoting the development of baby's muscle tone. NAP can prevent the food in the stomach flow back into the esophagus and mouth caused vomiting and choking, eliminate flatulence.
which baby not for lying sleep
patient congenital heart, and congenital breath ming, and pneumonia, and cold cough Shi phlegm more, and brain sex paralysis of baby, and some sick bloating of baby, for example patient congenital mast sex Helicobacter pylori narrow, and duodenal blocked, and congenital giant colon syndrome, and tire will blocked, and necrosis sex enteritis, and intestinal sets stack and other as ascites, and blood tumor, and kidney disease and the abdominal mass, disease of baby, not for lying with sleep. What baby for NAP
/> suffering from gastroesophageal reflux, obstructive airway abnormalities, stiff neck, baby, try to NAP, to help alleviate the condition. Small Chin, tongue, vomiting, severe child must lie on the bed. Pay special attention to another child I get phlegm, often vomiting, if there is vomiting, to let children down, make food out of, and shapely mother can lie down again, otherwise easily lead to suffocation.

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