A healthy baby

Tend to make the most of the 12 fed errors

  error 1: baby 4.5 months, without loving milk, feed some cake or bread-core.
expert answer: when you add foods to infants and young children, mothers themselves cannot be imagined at will. Auxiliary food added has basic of order: first added iron strong rice; second attempts to eat vegetables juice or vegetables mud; again added diluted of juice or fruit mud (initially of juice deployment proportion is 2 copies water added 1 copies pure juice, gradually transition to 1 copies water added 1 copies pure juice, until eating pure juice); last added yolk, can will yolk mix in rice in the.
allocation of rice formula, breast milk or Apple juice, sesame paste and not what proper nutrition food like Lotus root starch, not suitable as an infant food supplement. Far better than homemade rice noodle vermicelli nutrition, recommends eating iron-fortified rice flour to one year, which can prevent iron deficiency anemia.
error 2: babies do not like to eat solid food, add a little salt or MSG, which can make foods taste better.
expert answer: start not in food supplement add any salt, oil or monosodium glutamate only when babies can gradually eat porridge, you can put a small amount of salt, and vegetable porridge in a small amount of cooked vegetable oil (vegetable oil every day from the beginning of the transition 1~3 grams to 5 grams per day).
error 3: baby to eat solid food has been very good, food supplement can be used in place of milk.
expert answer: before the age of 1 baby milk is the main source of nutrition, and food supplement nutritional supplement. 4-6 month baby tries to eat solid food stages, first add are rice flour by the teaspoon subtotal, one or two teaspoons a day is OK, but rice is washed very dilute rice paste. 6-8 month baby eat solid food stages, babies learn to chew and swallow food.
for more than 8 months baby, food supplement can be arranged into a meal, but don't force the baby to eat too much food supplement, nor complementary instead of milk-fed baby. Number of supplementary food and dairy servings a day are quantitative, food supplement not eat better, too much solid food intake can affect appetite, anorexia, easily fed milk. So, add complementary should not affect the daily feeding amount is appropriate.
error 4: babies don't like to eat rice, rice flour mixed with milk, bottle feeding.
expert answer: this is a very scientific approach, add complementary not only to nutritional supplements, as well as training baby to learn a new way of eating, getting used to eating with a spoon food supplement, eating way to transition from sucking to chew for the baby in the next few months after learning to speak and lay a foundation. Therefore, it cannot encounter difficulties to turn to the bottle.
error 5: I don't have enough milk, add baby solid food in advance.
expert answer: food supplement to fill the milk production, this is the wrong way of feeding. Period of 0-4 months were pure milk, in the case of no special reason, it is not recommended to add baby fruit juice or vegetable juice, and exclusively breastfed baby is going to add complementary after 6 months. Formula baby 4-6 months before you want to add iron-fortified flour, rice flour available Apple juice (Apple juice, rich in vitamin c helps absorb iron). Babies learn to eat rice, eat vegetables, learn to eat after the 3 kinds of vegetables, then consider eating fruit and egg yolk.
in addition, add complementary can not be completely based on your baby's age, but also the growth and development of babies, such as whether the baby is able to sit, to be interested in complementary and so on.
error 6: babies like milk drinks, dairy drink can substitute for fresh milk, formula milk and yogurt.
expert answer: nutrition of fresh milk, formula milk and yogurt are different, have different emphases, according to their characteristics of feed at the right time. Formula nutritional best, add a lot of growth required nutrients, 2 years ago, baby formula, baby milk every day does not exceed 1000 ml, 1 nurse remain in 400~500 ml a day before, after the age of 2 can be converted into milk, and drink 1~2 bottles of fresh milk every day and maintain a lifelong habit of drinking milk. Sour cream 1 can be used as infant snacks, but can never replace formula or milk.
in addition, we do not give your baby eat any dairy drink, the nutrients they contain is far less milk, at the time of purchase to distinguish milk drinks and yogurt products.
error 7: worried formula nutritional deficiencies, add a little milk to partners and glucose.
expert answer: we do not add milk with the formula or dextrose, glucose can affect a baby's appetite, and milk with is not necessary, because infants have been added in the formula required for various nutrients.
error 8: high purity distilled water, for deployment to the baby milk powder is better.
expert answer: do not use distilled water, pure water, ion-free water to the deployment of powdered milk, in fact, the water is perfect for brewing of baby milk powder.
error 9: say eating fish smart, give your baby some fish soup.
expert answer: thought for the baby to drink soup is better, in fact, is no nutritious soup, including bone soup, fish soup, can not give the baby to drink soup, to give the baby to eat meat in the soup, or nutritional deficiencies. Please prepare some broth, add broth when cooking porridge at a time.
in addition, we do not recommend to the baby to eat porridge, porridge and the calories and nutrients are very low, you want to give your baby eat porridge, meat and vegetable dishes.
Error 10: baby ate quite a few, but not sick, head is in good spirits, but weight is always lighter than other months-old baby, is not long, it seems, is to eat enough, or to eat.
expert answer: by comparing the measured weight fed properly, this is actually a very big misunderstanding. Baby is well, with my rather than transverse compared to other babies. Because each baby's weight at birth was different, growing up is not the same the day after tomorrow, so the comparison is unscientific.
before half a year old, as long as the baby weight can increase each month 800~1000 grams, and it shows good growth, after six month weight 500~600 g is normal.
there is one, the baby has a good appetite, eat prepared foods, but still not "meat", that will examine the appropriateness of meals arrangements. Baby had has pure milk period (0-4 months) Hou to gradually added auxiliary food, in 6-8 months Shi learned eat dish porridge, then daily diet arrangements of time to gradually towards meals three points of mode closer, is daily two times milk, and two meal staple and two times snack, please note, noon 11:30 around and night 5:30 around is baby of dinner time, main provides dish porridge or rotten noodles, and not feeding, drink milk of time as arrangements in morning, and NAP Hou and bed Qian.
in addition, baby "without meat" may be related to lack of food calories, weight increase or slow growth, indicating the energy in food is not high, not required to meet the growth and development of babies. So, in the wake of baby adapted to eat a variety of foods, we do not give your baby to eat porridge (after 6 months), vegetable porridge to eat, you can use the broth, and add a variety of meat and vegetable, it is both delicious and nutritious.
Error 11: child's appetite has been bad, have some appetizers or other infant health.
expert answer: babies love to eat for many reasons, such as gastro-intestinal function, poor dietary behavior, fussy partiality is serious, induce nutrient deficiencies or imbalances may also be family food skills are too poor, not interested in making baby food. Therefore, in the face of the child's appetite problems, not only drugs and easy way to solve, no appetite must go to the doctor, by doctors to provide solutions to these problems.
error 12: lost a lot after the baby was ill and needed nutritional supplements as soon as possible, eat more foods high in nutrients.
expert answer: early in the illness, not a supplement should first of all consider, but recovery of intestinal function as soon as possible, eat easy to digest foods, so that they can better absorb nutrients in food. So, at the time to recover after baby diet food to slowly increase, instead of increasing a lot.

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