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Suitable for baby's "top ten" foods

  suitable for baby's "top ten" food
1, best food: whole-grain foods
whole-grain foods containing iron, vitamins zinc, magnesium, and fiber elements and other nutrients required for baby. In Western countries, the staple food of the whole wheat flour is known as one of the best raw materials, many families bake whole wheat bread as a staple of baby, confinement if you put some baby special cheese on top, more rich in nutrients. Although eating habits are different, but nutrition without borders. We can made staple food grains and flour (such as steamed sponge cake), can also bring good nutrition to the baby.
for picky kids: with chocolate sauce and whole-grain bread for a lovely sandwich, another creative beetle model, when his interest was lovely appealing, wouldn't care what bread not white.
2, and best of fruit: Kiwi
Kiwi was called nutrition of gold, it contains rich of vitamin c, according to analysis, each hundred grams Kiwi pulp of vitamin c content is 100~420 mg, called fruit in the of "VC of King", also, it also contains more rich of protein, and sugar, and fat and calcium, and p, and iron, minerals, and it contains of dietary fiber and rich of anti-oxidation material, can up to heat drop fire, and run dry laxative of role. But be careful, baby Kiwi fruit with seeds in the middle part, try not to eat, because it is not easy to digest.
for picky kids: If your baby does not like to eat raw Kiwi, you can make juice out of it, or a Kiwi sauce, the effect is as good.
3, the best vegetables: spinach
provide baby with the main nutrients are vitamin a and folic acid, as well as some vitamin c and iron. Because it has no taste, babies usually like to eat. And use a lot of spinach, you can decorate it as a side, you can also put some ketchup on it, it can also be used in place of baby lettuce in sandwiches. But remember, can't take it and eat tofu, otherwise it will affect the absorption of calcium.
for picky kids: MOM and baby vegetables are headache, if you spend some time and effort, make a creative vegetables, rice, like a spinach sushi, bibimbap, the baby never thought this was interesting and delicious food was spinach.
4, the best breakfast: corn
baby cereals bought from the supermarket, is also very healthy. It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. However, at the time of purchase to select baby exclusive, low salt. Own production of millet, corn porridge is also very nutritious. Needs attention is needed when eaten with milk, breakfast cereals, milk is very important, less than 2 years old baby is best not to use skim milk, 1 years old baby best breast or formula milk.
for picky kids: breakfast is very important for the baby. Do a fun breakfast baby will love, a banana villain (rich in potassium), a glass of milk (calcium-rich) breakfast cereal sprinkled on top, into a fun shape.
5, the best fast food:
pizza and other fast food than pisali mixed protein (cheese), sugar and vegetables (diced tomatoes) and many other nutrition, more suitable for baby food, and is easy to do, as long as the roast in the oven for a few minutes is OK.
for picky kids: what baby doesn't like pizza? you encountered in most cases, babies repeatedly asked you to give him a copy. Needs to pay attention when making a pizza or pizza, try to choose more vegetables.
6, the best nuts: almond
has many surprising nutritional effects: it can not only prevent heart disease, and contains vitamin e and other trace elements, such as iron, calcium and magnesium are very beneficial to your baby's health. In addition, unprocessed raw almonds are a low-fat diet, baby, you can prevent high blood pressure. But keep in mind that babies under 3 years old it is best not to give him the whole almonds, or easy to stick the baby's windpipe. There are many eating almonds, for instance with vegetables, cheese and a pizza, or directly to the baby some almond pieces.
for picky kids: crush almonds, peanuts, cashews and yogurt mixed together, do love a cup of nuts, yogurt.
7, the best meat: lean beef
rich in iron and protein in lean beef, lively, was long the baby's blood cells of the body the nutrition it needs. Many doctors recommend more than in October, add some lean beef baby food supplement, eat a lot of beef, can give your baby to make beef burgers, beef, small dumplings, beef spaghetti sauce.
picky kids: If your baby does not like the taste of beef, beef mince and chopped green beans can be mixed on the edible tissue (which can be bought in the supermarket), and beef in oven-baked in a paper bag, stained with tomato sauce, beef and mutton are gone.
8, the best dessert:
yogurt yogurt is one of the major sources of calcium, and it is low in calories, it is suitable for babies. If you make your own yogurt, preferably with formula milk as raw materials, not only nutritious and babies are easier to digest. In there eating yogurt add a small scoop of homemade jam, it will taste better.
discerning children: If the child find yogurt too boring, might as well give him a yogurt jelly, cut into about cm taller aspect of the piece, then point a little strawberry sauce.
9, the best juice: orange juice
orange juice is rich in vitamin and folic acid, and the kids like it sweet and sour taste. However, orange juice, not milk or other high calcium content of juices, it's easy to form a precipitate, the baby is not easy to digest. And babies drink orange juice every day must have certain limits, about 30~50 ml right, too much orange juice can increase your baby's intake of calories.
for picky kids: give baby a cup of juice "cocktail", a red cherries add some mineral water and orange juice, then plug in a brightly colored straws.
10, the best salad ingredients: tomato
in terms of appearance and taste, tomatoes are most babies love. The main ingredients of tomato is lycopene, which is a natural antioxidants can help prevent cancer and heart disease. In addition, tomatoes are rich in vitamin c and plenty of fiber, which can help your baby against cold and prevent constipation. If your baby does not like to eat monotonous tomatoes, can cut it into cubes or thin slices, made tasty with salad dressing on salad, baby will love to eat. Or directly into tomato juice, bright colors paired with a cute mug, even the adults will be attracted to it. In addition, do not think that raw tomatoes are more nutritious, but cooked in tomatoes, lycopene is absorbed more easily.

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