A healthy baby

Smooth off breast milk food supplement is critical

  breaking milk to have a process, don't suddenly change their children's eating habits. Science master of weaning foods added, broken breast and lay a good foundation for the future.
like 2 months can add cooking water, fruit juice water; 4 months adding rice cereal, egg yolk; try broth 6-7 months, give them fruit mash, purée; 8-9 months for the children to eat rotten rice porridge, black noodles, biscuits, Liver paste, minced meat, and so on, to develop habits of children to try different flavors. 1 start eating solid foods, food innovations, meet the needs of children's sight, smell, taste.
systematic arrangements in the process of weaning foods, a small number, gradually reducing the intake of breast milk, causing the child to adapt to accept solid foods.
parents also must pay attention to promoting healthy diet among children, children must be arranged in a quiet place to eat, making them attention is not scattered. Suggests that parents should pay attention to the language and behavior. For example, do not say in front of children: I don't love XX, so children are prone to dislike XX cannot develop children food habits of the partial eclipse. Should evolve to train children to good habits of eating, let the kids eating process as a good opportunity to learn skills for eating good boy praise in due course.
If you can do this, basically some problems can prevent and overcome the weaning, when child is 1, it could be well off breast milk.

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