Babies learn to climb quickly follow me

  take the baby for a walk is a very unique crafts for kids, babies can feel their parents ' love and life more fun, all this will become baby's childhood memories.
baby when climbing, you can put some good music, Mommy and baby talk, tell stories, let him feel that climbing is a very relaxed and happy thing.
research shows that babies crawling is a process of bio-preset program. 3-6 months old, baby crawling preparation stage; 5, 6 months old can be trained baby stomach, looked up; 7, 8 months old you can start training to crawl; 9, 10 months can make the baby free crawl.
baby clothes, but clothes are not suitable for crawling. Teach your baby to learn as you climb the best dressed baby jumpsuit (also called frog or crawling suits), form a whole this dress shirt and pants, crawling does not show her small waist and tummy, and clothing fit, not too many cumbersome things, will not affect the baby crawling fun.
"crawling" provides early life "explore" and "trying to independence" opportunity for children in "field" or "sensual physical contact" in the process, familiar surroundings "cognition", essential to the life of "technique" to stimulate different levels of "thinking", and accumulated rich life "experience".
crawl of revolutionary action is essential to strong, and was later the basis for standing and walking.
in addition, crawling baby also has therapeutic effects of some diseases. Crawling on children with cerebral palsy have taken training in foreign countries.


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