MOM and dad are you ready yet

  after 1 and a half baby we can go very well, when their ability to use all trying to climb the stairs, feet jumping, while standing on one foot, their large muscle movement also continued to develop. So, walking you can improvise some game, guide the child to walk steadily on the basis of complete body training, rhythm training, balance training, pace control.
baby sitting, did not move, then you need patience and guidance, and transformed him into a prone position. Like a baby toy in his body nearby, babies just by sitting down, into a prone position potential energy holding can be. Though it does not climb, but it was a prelude, before learning to crawl, babies like to lie on the bed, crawling in front of anticipation, even victory.
baby, Mummy hugged him and kissed, or off to the side with language to encourage the baby. After repeated training, the baby gradually independent, will really get up, especially after age 1, crawling action will be more flexible.
baby clothes, but clothes are not suitable for crawling. Teach your baby to learn as you climb the best dressed baby jumpsuit (also called frog or crawling suits), form a whole this dress shirt and pants, crawling does not show her small waist and tummy, and clothing fit, not too many cumbersome things, will not affect the baby crawling fun.
parents to give their children "climbing up, climbing up and down" the opportunity, because the child will change visually, develop good spatial judgment.
crawl is a comprehensive physical fitness activities.
studies have shown that children crawl without a lot of crawling will extend to early childhood, preschool and school-age, often caused by inattention, hyperactivity, and SID, etc.


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