Did you touch cold water when pregnant women in confinement

  for women, the confinement is equivalent to the second incarnation, so good confinement did not directly influence after the pregnant woman's life. Pregnant women during the period of confinement is very afraid of cold, body malaise, is also very easy to catch a cold, so families generally do not let pregnant women during confinement touch cold water, exposure to a cold environment as little as possible. But if your baby's due date in the winter, and how to avoid it? Recommend that pregnant women avoid frequent during access to cold water. And the baby was born in the summer or long-term stay in air-conditioned environments. Also, is to open the fridge door, exposed to out the coolness from the fridge, on postpartum recovery is not in the interests of pregnant women.
month in the traditional Chinese medicine believes that postnatal deficiency of qi and blood, long term loss ... Cold easily invade the body, causing poor blood runs, which can even lead to physical pain. This is based on traditional Chinese medicine of muscular interstices, refers to the texture of the skin, muscles, organs, skin, muscle and connective tissue of gap junction, your body depends on it to resist the evil outside intrusion.
and we always say, confinement diseases, generally characterized by limb or joint, sorrow and grief, pain, numbness, and traditional Chinese medicine on call postpartum pain. Causes of these phenomena is due to the mother during the confinement period living enough attention, feeling cold, dank living environment and so on. Thus, mothers during the confinement period, be sure to keep warm and avoid catching cold.
so, pregnant women during confinement, not totally unable to touch cold water, but keep in mind not frequent contact with cold water, and not too harmful.


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