Baby development period, my mother knows how much

  you can read children's songs and child, while doing the walking game. "MOM and baby for a walk through the gate, encountered an old yellow dog, they dare not walk in fear, stop! ”。 Reading stops when your sound to enhance face to appear suddenly, excitement. After a few times, the children can remember songs, nursery rhyme well together to complete control of his pace.
and when babies learn to crawl, how coordinated movements of limbs became their most difficult to break through problems, they are often taking hands not looking feet. Then parents can stand behind the baby, both palms on the baby foot, push baby foot, when he is crawling, and promote his other foot, so to assist, help him through crawling off.
babies learning to crawl, action everywhere, and home and there are many risk factors. Mommy should always be vigilant, in care when baby crawling, avoiding risk factors, prevent accidents.
vinyl flooring or floor leather must be after the Sun has no taste. When cleaning with water is best, if you use detergent, once the residual is bad for the baby.
parents to give their children "climbing up, climbing up and down" the opportunity, because the child will change visually, develop good spatial judgment.
crawl of revolutionary action is essential to strong, and was later the basis for standing and walking.
to sum up, crawling can improve the baby's metabolism, helps the body's growth and development.

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