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scientific feeding in the first month, guaranteed 18 hours a day sleeping, make navel hip care, two weeks after birth can taking cod liver oil, add calcium after 20 days.

exercises in prone position for the second month, twice a day. Adhere to the outdoors, breathing fresh air, suitable for sunbathing, amuse the children sounds, hanging bright new toy for baby to see, touch, grip.

training for a third month to grasp, practice turning, give your baby plenty of sensory stimulation, to obtain a different visual experience, practice listening, let your baby as soon as possible to taste a variety of tastes.

food supplement for the fourth month, feeding dish water, juices, add egg yolks, Liver paste, etc to prevent anemia, adds material from less to more, from one to many training baby is accurate.

step by step to add complementary for a fifth month, observing the baby's appetite, stool, abnormal changes in diet structure, give your child touch, increase security.
sixth month
for more than 6 months of the child from the mother's antibody levels decreased gradually began to love sick, baby nutrition, attention to dental health, teaches awareness of physical.

expression meaning of seventh month, imitating her mother's simple movements. Familiar with people you like, with a sound and a toilet. Pay attention to nutrition, exercise, sleep, emotional aspects of care for children, practicing crawling, climb on baby's intellectual development and physical development has promoted growing incisors.
eighth month of
in baby teeth when food supplement containing calcium and VD-rich food, clearing all the babies reach the dangerous material, grabbed a spoon and cup of water.
child naturally after crawling, in practice helped his hands forward to stimulate children's interest in exploring their surroundings, training and cooperative play, expanding child thinking space.

tenth month gradually weaned, food supplement, encourage your baby move, encourage your child to take the bottle feeding your own toys, promoting healthy eating habits among children.

the progress of developing good habits for the 11th month, regulating children's diet to prevent malnutrition and digestive disorders, to ensure adequate intake of animal protein, train baby pronunciation and independence

for a 12th month continue to train our children to walk, stand, squat, bend, encouraging children to paint, adjusting diet structure, increase the amount of vegetables.


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